Hello world!

I have decided to start a blog to keep track of what’s happening, to have an emotional outlet, and because I love to write and I miss doing it. I won’t say that I’ll post every day or even every week, but I’ll do my best. I feel like I should write more. There is always something going on and I forget way more than I remember. When I look back and read things I wrote years ago I am reminded of things I have long forgotten. That makes me sad for all the things that I didn’t write down and may never remember again. So, as I journey through life, making my way and doing the very best that I can, I will post blogs. I know that there will be certain topics covered more than others. I will, no doubt, talk alot about my family, bragging and bitching, because we are an emotional bunch. I will talk about scrapbooking because it is one of my all time favorite thigns to do. I will talk about Wii because I am addicted. I will talk about food and exercise because they are things I struggle with.  I will talk about health issues and pain issues because I face them daily. I hope people will read these and enjoy them. I welcome comments and critiques as long as they are constructive. Thank you for love and support.