Science Smience

Last week I dropped a big number. I lost a lot of weight. I knew that this week might be a rebound week. I expected to lose only a pound or two. This week I burned at least a thousand calories more than I ate EVERY day and most days I burned two thousand more calories than I ate. I exercised every day. I did nothing different than I have for the last month. I even cut my hair which was a pound lost right there. If you go strictly by science, I should have lost at least two or three pounds this week. When I got on the scale this morning it said I gained a pound. I am trying so hard not to be upset or disappointed. Maybe it would feel better if I had fallen off the wagon and eaten a ton of junk or if I was lazy and sat on my butt all week, maybe then I would feel better. If there a reason that I could see why I, not only didn’t lose any weight, but I gained a pound. A lot of people, myself included, say that weight loss is a science of burning more calories than you eat. It’s simple math: calories in and calories out. I do believe in all of that. The problem is that our bodies, even with all of the science we have, are still a mystery and they will do what they do. This week I burned 27,214 calories and I ate 18,271 calories for a difference of 8, 943. That’s over two pounds that I should have lost. Instead I gained one pound, I keep going over it in my mind because it doesn’t make sense. It’s driving me crazy! I know that stressing out is not going to help me, and it will in fact, hurt me. I need to accept that it is what it is. This week will not be my downfall. I am angry and sad, yes, but I’m going to let go of that negativity and move on. I’m going to move a little more and eat a little less and next week I will have a better number. More importantly, next week I will be a little healthier and that’s the true victory. The number on the scale does not define me. My weight this week is 485.

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