My What’s In A Name Rant

I have a rant. It is a small thing I know, but it has bothered me so many times and I feel the need to complain about it. Please feel free to ignore this blog. It is largely written so I can get the emotions out without actually screaming at an actual person. I am just venting my frustration. Of course if you do read it and realize that it applies to you, maybe it will do some good in that regard too. People’s feelings matter.

I have a rant. I do realize that it is petty. I recognize and admit that it makes me egotistical. I know that in the grand scheme of things, it is small and not overly important. All that being said, it totally pisses me off when someone spells my name wrong.

When I was born my parents decided to name me Mindi and they spelled it M-I-N-D-I. That is my name. I did not pick it nor did I choose how to spell it. My mother wanted my name to be Mindisue. It didn’t end up that way. To be completely honest, I do not like my name and I never have, but it is what it is and I live with it.

When most people hear my name they assume that it is spelled in the traditional way and I forgive them the mistake. I am even understanding and forgiving of the casual acquaintance who misspells it. What really bothers me are the friends and family who I have known for years who still spell my name wrong. I think that after knowing me so long they would know this about me. What bothers me the most is the people who look right at my name and spell it wrong. It has happened with teachers, doctors, and others who have my name clearly written in front of them and yet they still spell it wrong. Facebook is the most common scene of this crime. When you are on my Facebook page to leave me a message, it is spelled in big bold letters. When you send me a private message on Facebook it is right there in the “to” line. So when you are writing my name and spelling it wrong, it is inconsideration, laziness or ignorance when you spell it wrong? Is it that you think you know better than me how my name should be spelled and you refuse to defer to the spelling that I have lived with for my entire life?

Again, I realize that in the grand scheme of things, someone spelling my name wrong is not a huge betrayal, but it is a small slap in the face. It is disrespectful of you to not take the 10 seconds (or less) necessary to spell it correctly. It makes me angry and often it hurts my feelings. So, PLEASE, stop it.

In closing let me say that I am sorry of this blog has offended you. I feel the way that I feel. My name is Mindi. If you cannot force yourself to spell my name with an I at the end, please feel free to call me Min, or hey you, or crazy bitch. Whatever. Just please, whatever you call me, try to spell it right.

5 thoughts on “My What’s In A Name Rant

  1. People do that to my daughter ALL the time!! I spelled her name Caitlyn and tons of people always either spells it with a “K” or an “in”… 😦

  2. 241lady says:

    People mess my name up all the time, too. My name is Margie, and they typically spell it Marge, Maggie, Marjorie (huh???). When I was dating my husband, he actually called me Maggie in a very special moment. If that had not already happened to me in past situations (and yes, the same time), I would have probably been offended, but I just looked at him and he looked like UH OH, and I busted out laughing! I have no idea why it struck me so funny, but it did. I started calling him all these different names. One day, I called him Fred, another day Jimmy…it was my way of getting him back.

    I’ve just started my journey, but I look forward to following you along the way. Hope to become fast friends.

    • mindishr says:

      That’s awesome! Maybe I should try that sometime! Welcome to my crazy world! I’m always glad to make a new friend and its wonderful to be able to support each other on our journeys!

  3. 241lady says:

    By the way, if ever I call you by a name that is not your own, you’ll know it’s my crazy humor referring back to this post. 🙂 It will be our inside joke. (well ours and anyone else who reads this message) hahaha

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