I Just Found Out About The Most AMAZING Results!!!

Yesterday I went to the doctor for the results of the blood-work I had done in September. It was done 3 months after I started Body by Vi. I was nervous about it because I have put so much faith into Body by Vi. I know that it has changed my life in so many ways already. I have never slept this well or had this much energy. I have had less pain in the last few months than I have in over six years. I was also nervous because I was on Actos for my diabetes since I was diagnosed and this was the first blood-work done since I went off of it. I was worried that it would be bad and I would have to change meds again. So when I met with the doctor yesterday I was nervous, but excited.

First, the nurse took my blood glucose and blood pressure readings in the office and both were fantastic. Two hours after eating and my glucose was 119, my blood pressure was 110 over 60 and I weighed in at 435. All those are good numbers and I was feeling pretty good at that point.

Then the doctor came in and checked my feet, which tickled a lot, but was good. My feet are holding up just fine. That, in itself, is a big relief! She said she is absolutely thrilled with my progress and I should keep it up. She said I may want to lower my calorie intake a little if I stop losing weight, but I already knew that of course. Then she looked at my blood-work results and got a huge grin on her face. All of my blood-work was really good. My cholesterol was down and my LDL, which is the bad cholesterol, went from 220 to 110!!! That is cut in half in three months time!!! She was shocked that the only thing that I changed was Body by Vi. For more info on LDL cholesterol go here.

And now for the most incredible news…my A1C was 5.5!!!! For those of you that don’t know what that means it is FANTASTIC!!! If you want more info on what A1C means go here.  The lowest my A1C has been since my diabetes diagnosis was 7.1 and that was the last blood-work before this one. So even with diet and exercise my A1C was still high. Body by Vi helped me get it to where it needs to be!

So for all of you non-believers, take it from me, I am living proof that Body by Vi is amazing and life changing. I have the tests to back up my claims. Not only has it helped me lose weight and feel good, it is helping me get healthy in just about every way. I am so SO grateful for Body by Vi!!!

If you’re interested I will also be doing a vlog (video blog) about this and a few other things. It will, no doubet, be emotional. Here is my channel if you want to watch and/or subscribe to me.

As always, thank you so much for all your love and support!!!

Please, please, please!!!

If you have been reading my blogs, watching my vlogs, followingmy YouTube, friending me on Facebook, or have been anywhere near me at any time in the last several months, then you know what I’ve been doing. I’ve been working my butt off, literally, getting healthy and rocking the Body by Vi 90 Day challenge(s). I have been taking part in the ViSalus Challenge Showdown, making videos about my weight loss journey and posting them for all the world to see. Well yesterday was the last day to post videos for the Showdown. Today they posted the top 100 channels for everyone to vote on. There were over 5,000 channels entered into the contest and I am so excited to be one of the top 100 channels that advanced to the Showdown Throwdown. Out of these 100 channels, 10 will be picked to win their own webshow produced by none other than the amazing Ben Silverman. I would LOVE the opportunity to share my story, my weight loss journey, with the world. Please help to do that! Please rate my channel a 10 so I can be one of the top 10!!! Thank you!

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The End Has Come

Today is the last day to submit videos for the ViSalus Showdown Challenge. It is bittersweet. I didn’t even want to do this initially, but I am SO glad that I did. It has been an amazing experience and even if I don’t win, I am glad that I participated. Here is my final video.  Watch, Rate and Share My Video.

ViSalus Put ME In Their Video!!!!

I admit that I am somewhat of a YouTube Junkie these days. I resisted the idea of making video blogs like I resisted having my picture taken, because I hated to look at myself and I have ALWAYS hated the sound of my voice. I am emotional, moody, silly, goofy and generally I think I look crazy on video. Still, when I started the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge, I decided to go all in. I decided that I would take lots of pictures of my weight loss journey and I would sign up for the Show Down Challenge and begin making video blogs. I was just as surprised as anyone, if not more, how much I love it.

I love making videos to talk about my weight loss (and other issues) because in a video you can hear my tone of voice. Sometimes when I write it sounds one way in my head, but does not come across that way in my writing. When you hear me talk, you can usually tell the difference. I also love seeing the changes in myself over time. A photograph does show these changes, but it is more amazing in real life. The difference in my face alone over the last 3 months is amazing. I can’t wait to see what it is in every month in the future. The Showdown Challenge is almost over. The last day is October 22. Then the top 100 channels go on a website for people to vote on their favorites for the top 10 which will get their own webshow produced by Ben Silverman.  I would absolutely LOVE to be in top 100. I guess we’ll see soon enough if I am.

I also love watching other people’s vlogs. I have joined an amazing group of people on YouTube’s weight loss community. They are supportive, encouraging, motivating and captivating. I absolutely love watching their videos and feeling like we are all a part of each other’s journey.

All that being said, last night I was on YouTube looking at videos. I was planning to make a new vlog last night and I was just checking in on what everyone was doing. On my main page where it shows new videos from the people I am subscribed to, I saw my own picture on a ViSalus video. Of course I had to go look. It was a short video and you can watch it here: ViSalus Video Cheer the Champs . I was so amazed, honored, and overwhelmed that they picked me to go in the video. It is only a very short shot of the screen of one of my videos, but still, I am in there right before Blake Mallen and Tyler Howard (2 very sexy and incredible Vi men). How awesome is that??? OMG!!!  So, I, of course, had to make a response video and yes I was emotional. You can watch it here: Watch, Rate and Share My Video.

I love Body by Vi. It is changing my life every day and I am so SO grateful for it. I want to shout it from the roof tops and tell all the world. Its pretty cool that I am one step closer to being able to do that.

Life is Worth Fighting For

This is National Suicide Prevention week and Monday was World Suicide Prevention Day. Suicide is a sensitive subject and one that has all too often touched my life. I have lost several people that I love far too early to suicide. This video is not only about my weight loss, but also a little bit about suicide prevention.

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One Rollator For Sale…

Last weekend, Shawn Marissa and I went to the Oho Renaissance Fair in Harveysburg,  Ohio. It was the first time that I had ever been to that particular ren fair and the first time I had been to any ren fair since 2000. It was Shawn and Rissa’s first trip to a ren fair ever. I was nervous about it because it was very hot that day and it meant a lot of walking over uneven ground, up hills and through dirt, rocks, gravel, grass, etc. It has been about 3 years since I have gone any place like this without my rollator. Part of me wanted to put it in the van “just in case”, but I didn’t. I admit, that I was a little afraid that I wouldn’t be able to do it, but I was determined to try. We got there late, so instead of 6 hours of walking, we only did a little over 3, but it was 92 and humid, so I worked hard nonetheless. I am happy and proud to say that I walked the entire fair and I only sat down once, other than to watch the joust and a comedy skit. I not only did fine, I did fabulous! I kept up with Shawn and Marissa and that is impressive in itself. We are going back to the ren fair again next month and I cannot wait. I will be walking around the whole thing at least once, but probably more than once because I want to see as many of the shows as I can. I am absolutely unafraid this time because I know that I can do it. Also, I have a rollator for sale if anyone needs one because I don’t need it anymore.


Video Blogs Killed the Camera Phobe

As of today, I have posted 11 video blogs for the ViSalus Showdown Challenge. 11!  That is pretty impressive for someone who has always hated being in front of the camera. I love taking pictures, but not being in them. It’s funny because now I actually really like doing the videos. I like talking about Body by Vi and how it has changed my life. I love telling everyone how amazing the shakes taste and the incredible effect they have had on my life. I like sharing my experiences and passing on advice. If my videos help/inspire/encourage one person, then I feel like it’s all worthwhile. Of course, some videos are more fun to make than others, and some are really hard to watch, but that’s part of being honest and letting my emotions come through. Some of the videos make me laugh and some make my cry, even after watching them several times. I have a couple of videos that I have been working on for a while that I haven’t gotten made or finished editing yet because they are difficult. Sometimes it’s hard to share so much, but it really is cleansing to open yourself up to the world. Yes, some people are going to be rude and ignorant and judgmental, but that happens in real life too and some people are so supportive. Then there are the people who say that my videos inspire and encourage them. That is the very best thing about the whole thing. I love being able to help anyone.  I have a month left on my 90 day challenge and a little more left on the Showdown Challenge, so I’m asking you to please watch, rate and share my videos. To watch and rate the ones on Facebook you have to be signed into Facebook and go to the Showdown App. Here are the links to them in order of most newest (today) to oldest.

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Mindi’s Taking It Off

So there they all are, so far. I appreciate you taking the time to watch and rate them. I love that you share with your friends and family. I enjoy (almost all of) your comments. As always, here are the links to my other pages:

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My Fan Page – Mindi’s Taking It Off

And again, thank you, thank you, thank you for all the love and support you have given me. It is much appreciated!