Have You Ever Heard of Ticket America?

I am a bargain hunter. I am a coupon clipper. I am a power shopper. These are all very very true. I have been trying to find the best deal for all of my adult life. At times we have had more money and sometimes we have had even less, but no matter what our financial situation, I have always tried to save money. So when I am looking for ideas for fun things to do I, of course, try to spend as little as possible. I came across a website called Ticket America and I thought I would share it with you.

We like all kinds of music. I like almost every genre of music. Shawn likes hard rock, 80’s and country best, but he is slowly becoming more flexible about music. Shawn, Marissa and I all love live music, so going to concerts are a great family activity.

We both really like Jason Aldean. He is doing a tour in all of these huge venues like Wrigley Field in Chicago and Fenway Park in Boston. You can see all of his concerts and the ticket prices at http://www.ticketamerica.com/jason_aldean_tickets.html.  Some of his shows are with Miranda Lambert and I absolutely LOVE her! I think it would awesome to see them together!

Shawn and I both really like Coldplay too and would love to see them in concert. To see Coldplay’s upcoming events you can go here http://www.ticketamerica.com/coldplay_tickets.html. I imagine that they would do such a great live show.

They also have tickets for sporting events like WWE (http://www.ticketamerica.com/wwe_tickets.html) which Shawn likes, but I don’t, football (http://www.ticketamerica.com/sports/football/nfl) which I love and Shawn kinda likes and NASCAR (http://www.ticketamerica.com/nascar_tickets.html) which Shawn loves and I kinda like. They have theater tickets too for those of us that LOVE theater.

So Ticket America has a lot of tickets AND they have a guarantee. That’s right, they have a buyers guarantee which you can check out here http://www.ticketamerica.com/buyersguarantee. I really like them and I will be using their services in the future.

What do you think? What ticket service do you use?