I Just Found Out About The Most AMAZING Results!!!

Yesterday I went to the doctor for the results of the blood-work I had done in September. It was done 3 months after I started Body by Vi. I was nervous about it because I have put so much faith into Body by Vi. I know that it has changed my life in so many ways already. I have never slept this well or had this much energy. I have had less pain in the last few months than I have in over six years. I was also nervous because I was on Actos for my diabetes since I was diagnosed and this was the first blood-work done since I went off of it. I was worried that it would be bad and I would have to change meds again. So when I met with the doctor yesterday I was nervous, but excited.

First, the nurse took my blood glucose and blood pressure readings in the office and both were fantastic. Two hours after eating and my glucose was 119, my blood pressure was 110 over 60 and I weighed in at 435. All those are good numbers and I was feeling pretty good at that point.

Then the doctor came in and checked my feet, which tickled a lot, but was good. My feet are holding up just fine. That, in itself, is a big relief! She said she is absolutely thrilled with my progress and I should keep it up. She said I may want to lower my calorie intake a little if I stop losing weight, but I already knew that of course. Then she looked at my blood-work results and got a huge grin on her face. All of my blood-work was really good. My cholesterol was down and my LDL, which is the bad cholesterol, went from 220 to 110!!! That is cut in half in three months time!!! She was shocked that the only thing that I changed was Body by Vi. For more info on LDL cholesterol go here.

And now for the most incredible news…my A1C was 5.5!!!! For those of you that don’t know what that means it is FANTASTIC!!! If you want more info on what A1C means go here.  The lowest my A1C has been since my diabetes diagnosis was 7.1 and that was the last blood-work before this one. So even with diet and exercise my A1C was still high. Body by Vi helped me get it to where it needs to be!

So for all of you non-believers, take it from me, I am living proof that Body by Vi is amazing and life changing. I have the tests to back up my claims. Not only has it helped me lose weight and feel good, it is helping me get healthy in just about every way. I am so SO grateful for Body by Vi!!!

If you’re interested I will also be doing a vlog (video blog) about this and a few other things. It will, no doubet, be emotional. Here is my channel if you want to watch and/or subscribe to me.

As always, thank you so much for all your love and support!!!

Food, food, how do I love thee….and hate thee….

I am struggling. I always do. EVERY day I struggle with my food addiction. I’ve been keeping track of what I eat again. I should ALWAYS do this because it keeps me thinking about every food choice I make. It also disgusts me when I realize how many calories I eat when I’m NOT keeping track. I was doing pretty good until last night when I had a nacho blowout. I ate half a bag and it was a BIG bag. I was feeling a little sorry for myself and BAM! Bye bye chips! Then I felt awful so I ate some ham. How dumb is that? Very dumb yes indeed. Food doesn’t make me feel better. Ok, maybe it does, for about 5 minutes, but then I feel ALOT worse than I did to begin with because not only do I feel bad about whatever the original problem was, but then I also feel awful about what I ate. Stupid cycle that I all too often repeat. Its an addiction and like almost any addiction, habits must be broken and patterns must be changed. I have to face it, accept it, and let it go. I watched the documentary “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” and I was amazed. What a great example. Ever since I saw it, I’ve been trying to convince myself to do a 10 day juice fast. I know it will clean out my system and reboot my body. It will kickstart my weight loss and hopefully give me some much needed energy. I think its a good idea and I want to do it…except that I don’t want to do it. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE juice, fruit AND vegetable juice, and I could easily drink juice all day. That would not be the problem. The problem is that I am a carnivore and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I love meat. It makes me feel bad because I love animals and once I’ve seen them in person I cannot bring myself to eat that particular one, which is why I could never live on a working farm, BUT I digress. (I’m always off on a tangent, aren’t I?) Its another thing I struggle with. I wish I didn’t but I do love meat, and eggs, and butter, milk, cheese, etc. I might be able to go 10 days without rice and pasta, and I could definitely go 10 days without bread, but 10 days without meat, or cheese, or eggs…I seriously don’t know. I might naw someone’s arm off standing in line at Walmart.