Mindi’s Bootcamp

People are always asking me what workouts I do. I tell them that I strength train three days a week and I try to do cardio every day. I have had so many people tell me that they either don’t know how to strength train or don’t want to. Many women are afraid to strength train because of the myth that they will get big bulging muscles. That is so not true. It actually takes a concentrated effort to get bulky like that. Strength training gives you lean, strong, healthy muscles that support you in every aspect of your physical life and also help you burn calories. I have to confess that strength training is my absolute least favorite exercise. I hate every minute of it. I hate the pain, the burn and the repetition. It is hard work and not fun. I hate every minute of it and yet I do it religiously because I know how important it is. After you turn 35 you start losing muscle mass and if you don’t take steps to stop that process you will continue to lose. This is not what you want to happen! I tell everyone that they must strength train. So a few weeks ago I started posting “Mindi’s Bootcamp” routines. I post them on my facebook page Mindi’s Taking It Off and my pinterest board Mindi’s Bootcamp. I am not a health or fitness professional. I am just a woman who has been overweight her entire life and is now trying to get healthy. I would love to help others get healthy too. I started off with relatively easy workouts and I have been slowly increasing the difficulty. I am happy with the response that I have gotten from them. I thought I’d share them here too because the more people that I can help the better. I am always open to suggestions and I welcome any comments or questions. Today is Monday and here is the workout for today. Image

Happy sweating!

I May Be Switching…

I think everyone knows that I have a BodyMedia armband and I love it. I have loved it since I got it and I still feel the same, however, I do NOT love its price or the monthly website fee. I have had it for almost three years now and it is wearing out. I know that soon it will need to be replaced and honestly, I do not want to spend another $150 or $200 to get the one that I want (with built-in wireless). I also get a little sad every month when I see the $7 charge on my account for their website fees which most other companies provide for free. So I think I may be breaking up with BodyMedia

I have been looking at other products that could replace my armband like Fitbit,  Nike Fuel, and other similar items. I really want something to tell me how many steps I take, how many calories I burn and how active I am. I love the sleep info as well, but it is not essential. I want something that is accurate, but not expensive and I cannot afford a lot right now. So that’s where I am. If you have any advice and/or input, I’d love to know what you think.

I was contacted by a woman who said that she represented a company that was bringing out a new product that she’d like me to try and then blog about. I was totally interested, but I haven’t heard anything in months so I’m not sure if that is still happening or not. I am all about trying new things and I am very willing to give my honest review about them, so if anyone wants to send me a Nike  Fuel band or a Fitbit or a new heart rate monitor, or any other health related item, I’d be glad to review them for you. I also really like free stuff 🙂

I Just Found Out About The Most AMAZING Results!!!

Yesterday I went to the doctor for the results of the blood-work I had done in September. It was done 3 months after I started Body by Vi. I was nervous about it because I have put so much faith into Body by Vi. I know that it has changed my life in so many ways already. I have never slept this well or had this much energy. I have had less pain in the last few months than I have in over six years. I was also nervous because I was on Actos for my diabetes since I was diagnosed and this was the first blood-work done since I went off of it. I was worried that it would be bad and I would have to change meds again. So when I met with the doctor yesterday I was nervous, but excited.

First, the nurse took my blood glucose and blood pressure readings in the office and both were fantastic. Two hours after eating and my glucose was 119, my blood pressure was 110 over 60 and I weighed in at 435. All those are good numbers and I was feeling pretty good at that point.

Then the doctor came in and checked my feet, which tickled a lot, but was good. My feet are holding up just fine. That, in itself, is a big relief! She said she is absolutely thrilled with my progress and I should keep it up. She said I may want to lower my calorie intake a little if I stop losing weight, but I already knew that of course. Then she looked at my blood-work results and got a huge grin on her face. All of my blood-work was really good. My cholesterol was down and my LDL, which is the bad cholesterol, went from 220 to 110!!! That is cut in half in three months time!!! She was shocked that the only thing that I changed was Body by Vi. For more info on LDL cholesterol go here.

And now for the most incredible news…my A1C was 5.5!!!! For those of you that don’t know what that means it is FANTASTIC!!! If you want more info on what A1C means go here.  The lowest my A1C has been since my diabetes diagnosis was 7.1 and that was the last blood-work before this one. So even with diet and exercise my A1C was still high. Body by Vi helped me get it to where it needs to be!

So for all of you non-believers, take it from me, I am living proof that Body by Vi is amazing and life changing. I have the tests to back up my claims. Not only has it helped me lose weight and feel good, it is helping me get healthy in just about every way. I am so SO grateful for Body by Vi!!!

If you’re interested I will also be doing a vlog (video blog) about this and a few other things. It will, no doubet, be emotional. Here is my channel if you want to watch and/or subscribe to me.

As always, thank you so much for all your love and support!!!

Farther, Faster, Fitter

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, at my daughter’s school there is a nature and fitness trail. Her school is pre-k through 12th grade all in one building and the nature and fitness trail goes all around the school including the baseball diamond on one side, through the woods, around the parking lots and ends at the football field on the other side. Along the way there are a scattering of exercise machines that use your own body weight to provide resistance. I’m not sure how long the nature trail is exactly, but it isn’t short. There are also several small playgrounds, swing sets, and basketball courts which are available to anyone any time. There is also a track that goes around the football field that is open to the public. Since her school is only 5 minutes away and there is so much to do there, we go as often as we can. We usually walk and then Shawn and I shoot hoops while Rissa plays on the playground. When we first started going there in March I could only do one lap around the track or make it about an 1/10 of the way around the fitness trail. Now I can make it all the way down the fitness trail and turn around and come all the way back. I can probably do more than that, but I usually play basketball after that. I also stop along the way to do the machines. When I first started there were 4 machines that I could not do at all. Today I can do all of them and I can do more on all of them than I could before. I’m not sure how many laps I can do on track now. I think the next time we go down I will just go to the track and count how many laps I can do. It’ll be interesting to see what I can do there. Maybe I’ll even throw some sprint intervals in. I was hoping to run my first 5k this month, but with my knee giving me such a hard time, I had to cut back on my running so I haven’t been training for it. I still could do the 1 mile fun walk, but of course I didn’t register in time 😦 So I am still thinking about the October 5k. If the shots in my knee really do help then I can start running every day again and I can do the 5k, even if I do run/walk intervals. I would LOVE to do it! It’s amazing how far I have come in the last six months. It’s amazing how far I will go in the next 6 months. I hope you are pushing yourself to go further than you thought you could. We are all capable of so much, but only if we push.

Taking Baby Steps Means You’re Moving!!

It’s all those little things that add up to make my life a hundred times better than it was two months ago and a thousand times better than it was 3-4 years ago. Lately my life is rocking awesome and I owe a HUGE thanks to Body by Vi for that. I know that I am the one making the changes and doing the work, but honestly, Vi is totally making it easier to lose weight, feel better and get healthy!  In any case, my life is better and it keeps getting better all the time. I can, obviously, give you a few BIG reasons why it’s better, but I can give you many small reasons. Sometimes things sneak up on me and shock me, but some are obvious all along the way. Sometimes it’s not until I’m talking to someone that I realize some differences. Yes the big changes are exciting and obvious, but the little things, the baby steps, are what add up to make the overall life changes.

The other day I was talking to someone about my life when I was at my highest weight.In some ways, it is VERY difficult to talk about because I remember feeling so miserable, so afraid and hurting so much.  In some ways I enjoy talking about life then because I am so much better than I was then and because I know that I will NEVER go back there again. It was an awful time in my life. I talk about it so that I will always remember what I am fighting for and why I cannot go back. I talk about it because maybe my pain, my mistakes, my failures and my successes will help someone one else. That is a huge part of why I am making my journey so public, because if one person is helped by my story, then it is all worthwhile.

So, I was talking about when I was at my highest weight and what it was like. It was like hell. I was miserable. I hurt all the time. I hurt ALL THE TIME. I hurt physically, mentally and emotionally. I slept through most of my life for over a year because it was easier to sleep than to hurt or deal with the negatives.

During that time, I was constantly afraid. I was afraid of leaving the house and people seeing me and judging me. I was afraid of becoming housebound because I always loved being around people. I was afraid to move because it hurt and I sweated so much and my heart would race. I was afraid that I was headed for a wheelchair, or worse, being bed-bound. I was afraid of falling because I wouldn’t be able to get back up. I was afraid of being alone because I needed help with everything. I was afraid that Shawn would leave me because I was weak and sick, fat and pathetic, needy and emotional, and just no fun. I was afraid that Shawn would stay with me out of loyalty and obligation and be miserable. I was afraid that Marissa would start to hate me and even more afraid that she would grow up to be like me. My biggest fear was that I was going to go to sleep and not wake up again and that Marissa would be the one to find me. I would fall asleep and wake up in a massive panic attack because I kept having that same nightmare over and over. I think it was my mind and body ganging up to tell me that it was time for a change. Although it took me a little while, I finally listened.

It’s funny because people ask me all the time how I started and the simple truth is one step at a time, literally. I got up and walked around my house for five minutes at a time several times a day. That might not seem like much, but at the time it took all that I had. Five minutes and I was sweating buckets and sucking wind. I did that a couple of times a day at first. Then I got a rollator walker  and  I started walking outside. It was very very slow at first and I had to take constant breaks. I started doing light strength training and very light cardio. I literally baby stepped my way into starting to lose weight. I started keeping a food journal and trying to just eat healthier. I did NOT diet. I started making lifestyle changes and slow ones at first!

I went from almost bed-bound and eating 6,000 calories a day to moving around a little and eating 3,000 (or less) calories a day. So, at first the weight started falling right off. I lost a lot of weight quickly and I noticed that as the weight came off, I hurt less and I felt better. I was breathing easier which gave me more energy which made me want to move more. I purchased a Wii, which to this day is one of the very best purchases I have ever made! I started exercising with the Wii every other day or so. At first I had to sit down every few minutes even on the easiest levels. I baby stepped my way into being able to exercise for longer periods of time, more often, and on higher levels. It took me months to be able to exercise for fifteen straight minutes. Was it frustrating? Yes, sometimes. Was it difficult? Yes, often. Was it worth it? TOTALLY!!! I seriously doubt that I would still be alive to write this blog if I had not started with those baby steps.

If you are overweight, out of shape, in pain, sick, or unhappy and you feel like giving up, DON’T! If you think you are too far gone and cannot possibly recover, you CAN! Take one step, one small step, and then another. It may not be easy and it may not be overnight, but you WILL get there. I am getting there one baby step at a time and so can you.

If you want to join me on my walk, here are some links:

My Facebook

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Mr. Easter Bunny…

I am feeling quite a bit stressed out at the moment. Normally Easter doesn’t cause me much concern, but this year it seems to be doing just that. I’m worried a bit that I will go chocolate mad and gobble down a ton of that sweet dark yumminess. I would totally regret it and at this point, probably be very sick. I’m worried that being at my parent’s house will cause me to overeat just because its home and that’s what happens when I go there. I’m a little worried about leaving my wii at home. I’m not afraid that it will invite all its xbox and playstation friends over for a slamming house party (although I WOULD be totally bummed if I missed THAT). I’m afraid that I won’t get my burn in without my faithful electronic trainers kicking my butt. I really wish the Easter Bunny would bring me some new weights and an exercise ball or perhaps the new hiking boots that I desperately need. I would be thrilled if the rabbit brought me EA Active More workouts or EA Active 2 or even Just Dance 3. I think anything to help me get healthy or motivate me to do something good for me would be lovely. Although I do love chocolate, and believe me when I say I DO, at this point in time it’s not what I need. I have a little piece every now and then and I enjoy every moment, but that’s all it is-a moment. Adjustable wrist and ankle weights, however, are forever. 🙂

High (This one is PG 13)

I do believe that I have had my first official exercise high. Exercise always makes me feel good. Physically, mentally, emotionally, I feel better after I exercise. I always get a little happy when I exercise, especially after I’m done! 🙂 But today I felt a total high. I felt SO good! It was unbelievable.

Back in the day when I was young and dumb, I did my fair share of experimenting with drugs. Some I had to try many times before I decided I didn’t like them. I liked smoking and getting mellow and happy. I was a happy smoker for a long time and I don’t regret it. I say this knowing that there is a chance that Marissa will read this. I have had this talk with her. She knows I did things in my life that I hope she never does in hers. I have talked to her about what I regret and what I don’t regret but I still hope she doesn’t do. I hope she never smokes or does drugs. If I had known then what I know now my life would be dramatically different today. BUT I digress. Big surprise there, huh? Lol.

So today, Shawn and I were doing EA Active. When I started doing EA Active workouts about a month or so ago, I did fifteen minute easy routines and I had to sit down after about every other exercise. Today Shawn and I did a thirty minute medium routine and I did not sit down once. I ran four times during that thirty minutes and at the end during the final moments when I wanted to stop I pushed myself through it and ran to the end. It was AWESOME! I felt a burst of energy and a lift of emotion so overwhelming that tears were running down my cheeks. I was crying tears of joy, of pride, and I was so high. It was better than any chemical high I have ever felt. I did it. I DID it! Amazing! I still keep smiling an hour later. I am so amazed. I never thought I would enjoy running. At my lightest weight I could barely run a minute. Now I’m starting to see why people run. Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to be signing up for any marathons any time soon, but maybe someday. It’s not off the table, and that’s a new feeling for me. I feel so capable.  This may be the most addictive thing I’ve ever done.