MY OpinioN

I started this blog months ago. Its been a draft for all this time. I’ve gone back to it a few times, but have never finished. In the waking events of my life and some friends’ lives, I have decided to finish it and post it. I realize that it may offend some people. It may cause some people to gossip. It may even cause some people to defriend me. I am okay with that. I don’t care what anyone says about me. I’m ok with who I am. Its taken me over 30 years to get to the point where I am ok, but I am. I’m aware of my faults and working to correct them as much as I can. I know my strengths and weaknesses. I know what is important and who I can count on. If someone reads this and changes their mind about me, then they never really knew me at all and good riddance. I will not beg anyone to accept me. I beg everyone to accept each other.

Yes or no? Black or white? Either or? Nope. Life doesn’t work that way. What about maybe? Sometimes? Often? Then there’s gray, eggshell, and ivory, charcoal and ash, not to mention red, blue, yellow, and what you get when you start mixing the colors: orange and green and purple. Life is not lived in black and white and very very rarely are things ever as simple as yes or no. So why do people feel the need to slap a label on something or to try to break complex issues down to a simple 2 choice answer? Not everyone is straight. Not everyone who isn’t straight is homosexual. There are many complexities of sexuality and not everyone fits into a neat little category. As long as no one is hurting anyone, what right do you have to judge anyone’s sexuality? If it doesn’t involve you directly, then really, it does not concern you. What you do in your bedroom is your business. Not everyone is into eating white bread all day every day. That’s ok. Your way of life is in no way affected by my sex life and vice versa. I will never understand homophobia. I will never understand intolerance. I am married to a man who I love. When I met him and fell in love with him I wasn’t thinking its ok to love him because I’m a woman and he’s a man. I met him, got to know him, and fell in love with who he is as a person, not what he is as a body. I have loved a few men in my life. I have also loved a few women. If things had been different, I may have decided to marry a woman. Would that make my love any less real? No. My sexuality does not come from a place of gender. I am attracted to a person not a sex. That’s what feels right to me. I don’t expect anyone else to feel that way. If you do, great. If you don’t great. I don’t judge you. Please don’t judge me. Don’t condemn anyone else for doing what feels right to them. If you believe that the world was created in a week by an omnipotent creator then good for you. If I don’t believe that, then that is my right. I don’t hate you for your beliefs, so why would you hate me for mine? Almost every religious text, regardless of their origin of beliefs, says the same kind of things about how to treat people. They all say to love each other, respect each other, live and let live. People are so down on wicca, but the first rule of wicca is DO NO HARM. Don’t hurt anyone or anything. How bad can a religion truly be if the most important rule is don’t hurt anyone? Learn more before you judge. The election is coming in a matter of months and so the blood shed is already beginning. People are picking sides like this country is one giant game of red rover with so many suspected adults are acting like giant children. You’re either with us or against us. But really is that how it has to be? I am a registered Democrat, but I vote all over the map. Yes I believe in universal health care. I’ve done the research and I know that it can and does work. I believe in helping people and sharing both the burdens and the wealth. I believe in making education more available and attainable to everyone. That’s my left leaning side. Now I also believe in capital punishment. I know it’s not a deterrent for crime but it does stop that particular individual. I don’t believe it should be used in every case, but in some cases I absolutely believe in it. I believe in American’s right to bear arms. I think you should have to be sane to own a gun, but if you are mentally sound and not a criminal, yes you should be able to own a gun. I will, however, never see the need for guns that shoot 100 rounds a minute. That seems ridiculous to me, but that’s just my opinion. Its MY opinion. Mine. If you know me and you care about me, then you should realize that I have my own opinions and a lot of them actually. I am who I am. I don’t expect you to agree with everything that comes out of my mouth. I don’t even agree with everything that comes out oy my mouth. Sometimes I am completely full of crap! But that’s ok. Life is about learning and growing, challenging ourselves and others to learn. Sometimes we need to argue our points to find the best answer. Sometimes we may change each other’s minds, and sometimes we may change our own. Of course sometimes there really is no right answer. Sometimes there is more than one right answer. Sometimes we have no other option than to agree to disagree and that’s ok. We can still be friends when we stand on opposite sides of the fence. Sometimes we can meet in the middle. Sometimes we can just avoid that issue. I am who I am and its ok. You are who you are and it’s probably ok too 🙂 People judge each other and criticize each other and are sometimes downright cruel to each other over differences. Its ridiculous! We cannot all be straight, white, christian, and conservative, and thank goodness for that! What kind of boring ass life would that be? We are all different and we are all beautiful. There’s no need to fit everyone into a box with a label to be put neatly on a shelf. Life is not organized. Its messy and imperfect and beautiful and I for one, wouldn’t want it any other way! .